Friday, January 16, 2009

The Most Magical Place on Earth

What is this Disney you speak of? I'm talking about Portland, OR. Let me explain. Every time I find something so cool, so amazing, I must have's from Portland. I've never been...but I can imagine what a wonderful place it must be. Amazing people...colorful neighborhoods...unicorns with rainbows shooting out of their eyes...the streets are paved with cheese...Take this for example!

This lovely print! Allusion - Print by yellena. What she fails to mention in the description is that is an actual view from her bedroom window because Portland is a magical assortment of "organic shapes and tangled lines". I just know it is!

I've long admired imadeyouabeard. I was looking through all her beards and quoting FOTC (you're beard is good...just a compliment about your beard...being good). I happened to look at her location. YES! PORTLAND! Where else could you get an Abominable Snowman Beard?

I really can't pull these types of hats off...but I've always wanted to. If I ever move to Portland, I'm convinced that this kick arse night OWLS - warm WINTER wool earflap HAT - adult MEDIUM by pauladeer will magically suit me and boyfriend will stop giggling like a school girl at me... I'll probably need this in large because I have a gigantic head...*sigh*

How gorgeous is this Blue Felted Ballie Ring by PenFelt? Of course it's from Portland...der! I was staring at this (drooling) wondering how to put my excitement into words...then I read the description. It IS indeed a hug for your finger!

Even the vintage in Portland is a step above the rest! I love salt and pepper shakers to begin with, but these are adorable!! I definitely need these Vintage Owl Salt and Pepper Shakers from bouquet in my collection!

Boyfriend loves Portland almost as much as I do (because of the Food Network specials, hahaha) but lately he's been on a "I want to move to NYC kick". Perhaps I need to hold a Portland vs. New York Etsy battle.

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