Friday, January 30, 2009

Jobs, Schmobs

It's been a tad stressful for me lately. My savings are dwindling and I'm in desperate need of a job!

Stressed Out Necklace by tbomommy

One of my favorite ways to blow off steam is searching Etsy (never mind all those search problems). Then again it's a double edged sword because I remember I can't afford to buy most of the items I fall in love with...soon, soon! I will get that job! Someone will call!

Stress Relief Handmade Soap by SoapStore

I can't complain though! This time of joblessness has given me a lot of crafting time. I am also able to clean a lot. Everyone loves cleanliness! I cook a warm breakfast every morning! Who doesn't love eggs and toast? I stay positive!

Keep Calm and Carry On Ceramic Pendant by leapinglizards

It is important to remember to keep calm and, of course, carry on! I've got another month and then it's time to panic! :)

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