Monday, January 26, 2009

Mr. Binky

I've been cat sitting for my boyfriend's grandma! Mr. Binky is very old...and I suspect he's not too fond of me...yet. In his honor I would like to share a few kitty Etsy finds!

I love cats... by artfulmosaicsupplies

I do!! I really do!! The sooner Mr. Binky realizes this, the better! I can think of ten different ways to use these cute kitty embellishments! I want!

Fatberd Cat Toy, The Bluejay by casbahkitten

I know my little kitten would adore this! Perhaps I can buy Mr. Binky's love. Bonus! It's made with the sellers own natural catnip! Or it can be made catnip free! I love having it my way...except at Burger King (barf)!

YARN KITTY organic t-shirt by boygirlparty

I have two loves in my life (three if you count boyfriend), knitting and kittahs! I also like I must have this shirt! Don't you just love boygirlparty's work?? It's adorable!

Hartmann, the Tabby Cat by fing

There are no words! The crazy cat lady in me is dying over the cuteness!! Swoon!

Lucy girl kitty in white by therunnybunny

I have such a crush on therunnybunny's work! Boyfriend doesn't know it yet, but we're going to have a whole wall of these unusual little sculptures! (when I get that job...)

In conclusion...

Mr. Binky, if you're reading this...don't hate me anymore! We can be BFF's!

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