Monday, January 19, 2009

I Still Love You

I waited and waited until that golden moment last night at 10 pm on the HBO. I didn't cheat by watching it online with unreliable internet. You know we're talking Flight of the Conchords, baby! A little eye candy, if you will.

Alright...I don't know if Season 1 was just WAY too good, but this Season 2 premiere wasn't up to snuff in my book. The transitions to songs didn't seem as seamless and the songs Angels is an old song! New songs please! What was new wasn't as classicly funny as your Season 1 songs. I can't see myself jamming out to the Femident toothpaste jingle in my car. Although I would love to make myself a toothpaste hat...

I think I'm judging too quickly...there were some hilarious moments. Perhaps Femident will grow on me with other songs have. It was a funny song...I'll admit. (See it's already happening) They had some great new songs when I saw them last year at Town Hall. Soooooo, I'm sure we can expect great things this season. If not, Boyfriend and I will still be trying to visit all FOTC filming locations every time we visit the NYC!

(Best bag ever made by Schroeder Sisters )

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