Thursday, January 29, 2009

B. Radley is definitely excited to be at Odd Mall! I thought I would have to wait until the summer for another great craft show! (Bazbiz) There are only something like 12 tables left in the main room, so if you're a crafter check out Odd Mall!

I wanted to do a little showcase of some of the vendors every once in awhile! Fun fun! I'm going to start of with FashionGreenTBags.

Midnight Eyes Reusable Tote/Gift Bag by fashiongreentbags

This talented lady is saving the Earth one T-shirt at a time! I adore the way that her bags still look like shirts! Of course she offers other things like computer sleeves and pouches, but it's the bags I've fallen head over heels for!

Chocolate Caramel Striped Crossbody Bag by fashiongreentbags

Stay tuned for other vendors and mark your calendars for Odd Mall! May 9th kiddos!

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