Thursday, April 30, 2009

Odd Mall Madness!

It's back and today we have three, count 'em three, vendors! Oddmall is coming up so fast (May 9th!) and I'm desperately trying to feature all the great vendors that will be there! First up today is SuperFlyKidz!

My niece would flip out over this superhero outfit! Next we have a bit of jewelry with AutumnsAntics!

I love this necklace and I know a few special ladies who would love it as well! (Oddmall is right before Mother's Day!) Last but not least, I bring you Triplenine!

Let's put these talented crafters up on the Oddmall map! You'll find SuperFlyKidz at Table 11, AutumsAntics at Table 56, and Triplenine at Table 54.

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