Saturday, May 2, 2009

Odd Mall Madness!

It wouldn't be Saturday without a hint of the Oddmall madness! First we have : Cosmic Werks!

Candle Holder by Cosmic Werks

I keep telling you a certain day for Mother's that is right after Oddmall! My mom (and tons of others) would go ga-ga for one of these candle holders!

Next up is Studio D Art! Check out these awesome metal switch plates! One for every room in the house please!

Switch plate by Studio D Art

What would Oddmall be without without a touch of geekery thrown in? That's what It's A Gamer's Thing is there for! I'm really impressed with these chainmail dice bags!

Dice Bag by It's A Gamer's Thing

Last but not least I bring you the outstanding metal jewelry of Kristina Malcolm! Mom's everywhere just stood up and applauded!

Let's put these classy kids up on the Oddmall map! You'll find Cosmic Werks at Table 35, Studio D Art at Table 80, It's A Gamer's Thing at Tables 76 & 77, and Kristina Malcolm at Table 57!

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