Thursday, July 23, 2009

Your Vintage Is Showing!

1966 Simple Simon Child's Tray Puzzle from Sirkus

I can relate to this puzzle because I'm always on the lookout for free pie.

I was actually about to buy this for my niece, then I stopped and thought that she' probably a little too old by now. I'm a little upset that she's getting so big! Not that I'm nostalgic for those days of changing her diaper...but because I can't put one over on her anymore.

She once asked me what the firetruck's name was in the movie Cars. I told her Gerald Ford.

Then a month ago we were playing Batman and we didn't have a proper cape. So I tied a pink floral blanket around my neck. She objected because her cartoon Batman dvd has a black cape. I told her that in the new batman movie his cape was totally pink with flowers on it...and she looked at me for a few seconds...and told me I was wrong.

It was a sad day.

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