Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What's New?

Honestly? Not much. I have a few new pairs of earrings, such as:

Zone by B. Radley

I've been a bit distracted from creating lately because I've been on the hunt for the perfect bicycle. It was extremely frustrating because I wanted something vintage AND I was looking for local pickup. I had been bidding on a bike on Ebay and at the last minute it went out of my price range ( went higher than what I was willing to pay for the semi-hunk-of-junk). I was extremely pouty for a good half hour (my boyfriend can back this up).

Hold gets fantastic! I turned to Mr. Google and found this:

Word cannot describe. I'm in love and she's mine. I didn't have to go through the agony of bidding (although there were a couple of nerve-racking hours while I waited for the owner to answer my email).

Boyfriend and I are picking it up later today and I couldn't be more impatient! I've already got my eyes on a vintage headlight and I'm looking for a basket for the back wheel!

Whether you like it or not, be on the lookout for a ton of updates about my baby! Hopefully you like it!

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