Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Odd Mall Madness!

The madness has returned! Don't worry, it's the good kind! Today I bring you Cleveland Clothing Co. I'll admit I didn't much care for Cleveland...until I moved away. All of a sudden, I defended Cleveland to the death! (and believe me...there were duels) I'm back in the burbs of Cleveland with tons-o-love! I wish I had some of these shirts when I was in NY to show my respect!

Don't we all? (I actually watch Action 19 more often for the laughs...but when I want serious weather...Dick Goddard is where it's at)

I can't get away with this shirt, but I wish I could. (I'm in the 440)

Let's put Cleveland Clothing Co. on the Oddmall map at Table 70 in the Artitorium!

The glorious Oddmall is May 9th in Hudson, OH! Be there or be square!

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